Web based Environment Clearance Certificate

Jun 30, 2019 | Solution

Challenges In Bangladesh the environment clearance certificate is mandatory for the establishment of any kind of factories. The manual process of obtaining environment clearance certificate is lengthy, hassling and costly because-
  • There are many actors including media man
  • It requires multiple reviews
  • Effective tools to monitor progress are absent
  • Tracking system is improper
  • There is a lack of accountability and transparency
The above mentioned problems are aroused due to influence and strong involvement of consulting firm and media man and unethical practices. Toward a Solution To decrease hassle, reduce time and cost, number of visits; overall, to improve the service quality, the department of environment has recently developed an online system by which people can apply for environment clearance certificates. This certificate is essential for establishing any factories or farm and it must be renewed every year. Through the DOE’s website anyone can apply online from anywhere for clearance certificates, check their status through SMS and e-mails and get online feedback on queries. The ECC is classified into following four categories-
  • Green
  • Orange-A
  • Orange- B
  • Red
The manual procedure of obtaining ECC involves the following major steps:
  • People first has to visit the environment office which is situated in their regions to collect the form.
  • The next step is submitting application with supporting documents and then verification of application and supporting documents. If anything went wrong in filling the application, then he or she had to come over and over again.
  • Then there is an Inspection by the inspector after verification of all the reports and documents. And then they can finally obtain certificates from DOE.
  • There are only twenty two regional offices in Bangladesh which are stationed doing all the procedures for the environment clearance certificate.
Through the online system the application process becomes much easier. Now people who want to apply for the application can easily download the form where internet access is available. The time, cost and visits that were needed for collecting the application form from the office can be saved as it can now be obtained from the internet. Even accommodation costs can be saved through the reduction of visits. The automation of application submission makes the process easier than before. A study has been conducted by a2i to determine the amount of time, visit and costs saved in online processing of Environment Clearance Certificate. Study found that, newly introduced online service of DOE is a successful system from the TCV aspects. This newly introduced system has reduced time, cost and visits at 20%, 57%, and 33% respectively. Moreover, this system has reduced the hassle of the beneficiaries. This system is still being processed need a lot more improvement but as soon as it starts working in full swing it will replace the manual process totally. And as it saves time, costs and visits so people will engage in availing online service to avoid hassles and to remain transparent. This system can improved on the basis of pubic recommendation and demand. So, this system will require to draw knowledge from public when it is to be replicated. Countries/ territories involved: Bangladesh Implementing entities: Department of Environment Supported by: a2i Project status: On-going Project period: N/A URL to the project: http://ecc.doe.gov.bd Contact Information: Mr. Md. Towfiqul Arif Joint Secretary (Blue Economy) Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock towfiqularif@yahoo.com +8801711643813