The Art of Knowledge Exchange: A Results-focused Planning Guide for Development Practitioners

November 16, 2020

This planning guide by World Bank is for anyone who wishes to design, implement, and measure a results-oriented knowledge exchange initiative. While it can be used by anyone, it is written for those who broker knowledge exchange by connecting and facilitating engagements between knowledge seekers and providers. This guide follows a strategic approach to learning by breaking down the knowledge exchange process into five simple steps and providing tools to help you play a more effective role as a knowledge broker. This approach will help to:

  • Consider knowledge exchange within a broader programmatic and development context.
  • Ensure your initiative is stakeholder-owned and demand-driven.
  • Determine the challenges to reaching a solution.
  • Reflect on the change processes needed to address these challenges.
  • Identify individuals or groups who can play effective roles in bringing about needed change.
  • Choose the right mix of knowledge exchange instruments and activities to help your participants learn, grow, and act.
  • Implement in an adaptive and learning-focused manner.
  • Measure and report the results of your knowledge exchange initiative.

It draws lessons from over 100 exchanges financed by the World Bank South-South Facility, analytical work conducted by the World Bank Institute and the Task Team for South-South Cooperation, and reflects the experiences of dozens of World Bank Group staff, learning professionals, government officials, and other international development practitioners who have brokered and participated in South-South knowledge exchange activities