Technologies for Climate-Resilient Smallholder Agriculture: Sharing practices from Brazil with Africa

November 15, 2019

Brazil and Africa share similar environmental, climate and social conditions, and similar development challenges. This creates interesting opportunities for South-South collaboration through technology transfer in several areas, including agriculture, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and value chains development.

Drawing on its fundamental goal of promoting rural development, as well as its significant experience in South-South and triangular cooperation, the International Fund for Agricultural Development commissioned this catalogue with the goal of mapping good technologies and management practices in order to promote climate change adaptation and mitigation for smallholder agriculture in Africa.

This catalogue presents 11 case studies in which technologies were used in smallholder farming in Brazil and could be applied in African contexts in line with the SDGs. It focuses on priority value chains in Africa: sorghum, millet, cowpea, rice, maize and soybean; cassava, fruit and vegetables; tree crops, and; protein production: livestock, fish farming and dairy.