Study Paper for Gender Mainstreaming in South-South and Triangular Cooperation

May 9, 2024 | Gender Publications, Publications

Technical and Vocational Education & Training or TVET is often associated with the field of Sience, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or STEM, that is long stereotyped to be men’s domain. In many societies, women are perceived to have less capability than men in the fields that involved logical thinking and complex mathematical equations. Aiming to reduce that gaps, SSTC TVET between Indonesia Tanzania and Germany with focus on leather industry includes efforts to maintream gender by among others jointly developing of A Study Paper on Gender Mainstreaming on SSTC TVET.

The development of “A Study Paper for Gender Mainstreaming on SSTC TVET between Indonesia, Tanzania and Germany” aims to reduce gaps on gender inequality in the field of TVET on leather industry among the involved countries. The methods for developing the Paper includes mapping the existing gender mainstreaning in TVET on leather industry, followed by consultative and high participatory approaches with key stakeholders to generate agreed recommendation to further strengthen women empowerment on TVET in leather industry.