Strengthening Preparedness for COVID-19 in Cities and Urban Settings

May 13, 2020

This document is to support local authorities, leaders and policy-makers in cities and other urban settlements in identifying effective approaches and implementing recommended actions that enhance the prevention, preparedness and readiness for COVID-19 in urban settings, to ensure a robust response and eventual recovery. It covers factors unique to cities and urban settings, considerations in urban preparedness, key areas of focus and preparing for future emergencies. Brief examples of many cities of the global South are referenced in this report including  (1) Rio de Janeiro and (2) Sao Paulo of Brazil; (3) Bogota of Colombia; (4) Kerala and (5) New Delhi of India; (6) Lagos, (7) Abuja, and (8) Kano of Nigeria; (9) Islamabad of Pakistan; and (10) unspecified cities in Southern countries including Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, Turkey, Tunis.