Good Practices in South-South and Triangular Cooperation: Transforming Education and Delivering on SDG4

September 12, 2023

South-South and triangular cooperation is at the heart of SDG4 implementation on Quality Education. As demonstrated in the last few years, this kind of cooperation can mobilize action, ambition, solidarity and solutions to transform education in a rapidly changing world. From the inclusive approach to digital learning in Lao People’s Democratic Republic to distance learning and teacher training strategies in Caribbean SIDS, South-South cooperation is a key modality of collaboration for transforming education and supporting internationally agreed development goals, including the 2030 Agenda.

Countries of the South, with the support of partners, must enhance South-South and triangular cooperation to exchange resources, technology, skills and knowledge to realize the promise of making inclusive, quality education available to all. This publication presents forty innovative solutions from around the world which showcase how South-South and triangular cooperation can support the development of more efficient, equitable and resilient education systems that are adapted to the challenges of the 21st century.