December 21, 2023

As we stand on the precipice of an escalating climate crisis, the relevance and importance of South-South and Triangular Industrial Cooperation (SSTIC) has never been more pronounced. SSTIC, as an international cooperative mechanism, holds a compelling potential to strategically address and limit climate breakdown. This publication seeks to outline the technical and economic dimensions of how SSTIC can support global efforts in mitigating climate change and fostering a sustainable, resilient future.

SSTIC functions as a vital platform for technical capacity building, technology transfer, and the promotion of environmentally sustainable industrial practices. The technical capabilities required to limit climate breakdown are often varied and complex, including advanced renewable energy technologies, carbon capture and storage technologies, energy-efficient manufacturing processes, and waste management systems.

This publication by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) delves into three primary areas: Decarbonization, Sustainable Energy, and Climate Technology.

The Decarbonization section delves into the strategies SSTIC employs to assist nations in transitioning towards low-carbon, resource-efficient industrial production. It outlines how SSTIC promotes carbon capture and storage technologies, encourages the deployment of climate-smart industrial processes, and facilitates the creation of green jobs and new economic opportunities, thereby contributing to climate resilience.

The subsequent section on Sustainable Energy explores SSTIC’s initiatives in the proliferation of advanced renewable energy technologies. This portion will shed light on SSTIC’s role in capacity building for improved energy efficiency and the transition towards a circular economy, vital components for climate breakdown mitigation.

Finally, the Climate Technology section covers SSTIC’s contribution to technology transfer and adaptation, enabling countries to integrate climate-friendly technologies into their industries. Together, these sections aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of UNIDO’s multidimensional efforts to utilize the SSTIC modality in combating climate breakdown.