Lessons and Perspectives from Supporting South-South Cooperation in Mexico (UNDP Mexico, 2022)

April 19, 2022

Since 2013, UNDP Mexico, as a sustainable development partner and South South Cooperation (SSC) facilitator, has accompanied the institutional strengthening of the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID) through the AMEXCID-UNDP Cooperation Program (PROCAP). PROCAP has contributed to the strengthening of the Mexican international development cooperation policy through a series of initiatives aimed at generating and sharing knowledge that allows identifying South-South solutions in accordance with Mexico’s national and international development agendas. PROCAP is also exemplary in showcasing how UNDP has built capacity for national institutional strengthening for SSC.

This report documents the history, results, lessons learned, and good practices derived from PROCAP execution (2013-2019) and constitutes a key element in underpinning the Third Stage of the PROCAP (2019-2025). It also contributes to generate knowledge around strengthening SSC, and how UNDP has been part of this process with Mexico, contributing to the exchange of development solutions in the global South.

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