IsDB: Low-carbon Transport for Development

Feb 2, 2021 | IsDB Featured Publications POM, Publications

In IsDB member countries, emissions from transport are projected to double between 2020 and 2050. Thus, urgent action is required to reverse this trend and to further increase the resilience of transport systems against the threats of climate change, especially in critically vulnerable IsDB member countries. To achieve this, we strongly believe that action is needed to accelerate the implementation of low-carbon transport options, especially in highly populated and rapidly urbanizing middle-income member countries.

This report on Low-carbon Transport for Development: Trends and Recommendations for Islamic Development Bank Member Countries presents a novel analysis of climate change impacts and opportunities in the transport sector in IsDB member countries. It includes targeted quantitative analyses and broad observations and recommendations on the current state of low-carbon transport, investment gaps and needs in these countries. And it provides an in-depth analysis of existing patterns and gaps in low-carbon transport investments, thus creating a starting point for making evidence-based decisions in the short term, and providing a foundation on which long-term policies and programmes can be built in IsDB member countries.