Global Tourism Sector should Continue Fight Against Plastic Pollution during and after COVID-19 – New UN recommendations:

Aug 10, 2020 | Cities Clusters - COVID-19 Knowledge Products, Cities Clusters - Tourism Knowledge Products, DRR Knowledge Products, Publications

Restarting tourism responsibly requires that future operations be guided by a science-based approach in order to support governments, business, and local communities to understand the trade-offs of decision-making processes that aim to align hygiene and health protocols with sustainability criteria. The Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, launched in January 2020 to provide a platform for the tourism sector in its fight against plastic pollution, recognizes that environmental challenges have been further exacerbated by the pandemic and that there is a need to come together to build the tourism sector back better.

This report provides recommendations that are addressed to tourism stakeholders with the aim of supporting them to continue fighting plastic pollution during the COVID-19 recovery. The document illustrates how reducing the plastic footprint, increasing the engagement of suppliers, working closer with waste service providers, and ensuring transparency on the actions taken, can significantly contribute to a responsible recovery of the tourism sector. These recommendations in the report should be seen as complementary to national and local regulations.