Country Experiences in South-South and Triangular Cooperation Enabled by the United Nations Rome-based Agencies

August 19, 2020

South-South & Triangular Cooperation is critical to access and mobilize the expertise, technologies and financial resources that already exist in developing countries. In order to reach the remaining 821 million people affected by chronic food deprivation worldwide the knowledge and development solutions from the Global South are indispensable.

WFP has organized a discussion to shed light on country demands, experiences and key opportunities for WFP to support governments on SSTC in the areas of nutrition, rural resilience-building, and social protection – all of which are at the heart of achieving zero hunger. As background for this, WFP has put together a collection of country experiences to showcase how SSTC is applied in practice.

The publication provides a collection of South-South experiences and opportunities for knowledge exchange, peer learning and technology transfer in the context of the development and humanitarian cooperation for SDG2.