Colombia South-South Cooperation Portfolio

July 19, 2021

Colombia South-South Cooperation Portfolio was developed by APC Colombia as a collection of highly recognized best practices developed by entities in the country. The portfolio includes practices aligned with current Colombian Foreign Policy objectives that directly contribute to the 2030 Agenda implementation framework, along with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

For this document, best practices are defined as processes, experiences, methodologies or innovative techniques which are aligned with global development agendas, policies, plans and/or priority projects. The purpose of this portfolio is to share Colombia’s development solutions and initiatives with other countries of the Global South in order to help formulate South-South cooperation projects with the ultimate goal of developing and strengthening public policies.

The portfolio includes twenty-nine best practices which represent the country’s 2021 South-South Cooperation Portfolio. Each of the practices corresponds to programs, projects, services, public policies, methodologies and technological developments implemented at the national or territorial level, which meet the criteria of innovation, outcome focus and efficiency.