A Brief Summary of Good Practices and Challenges on Renewable Energy Development in Afghanistan, Indonesia, Madagascar and Nepal

May 9, 2024

With the growing energy needs and depleting resources, any sustainable solutions to protect and restore the condition of the earth is imperative. The rising of global energy consumption, potential of renewable energies have become an interest for many Southern countries including Madagascar, Nepal and Indonesia. These countries have policies, practices and plan towards the development and promotion of renewable energy. Building on the commitment to jointly work in reducing energy inequality, the three countries supported by Germany mapped, discussed and co-created approaches of knowledge transfer and technology through SSTC on Renewable Energy.

The ‘Brief Summary of Good Practices and Challenges on Renewable Energy Development’ jointly compiled by Madagascar, Nepal, Indonesia and with the suoport of Germany, aims as reference during landscaping SSTC on Renewable Energy. The Brief Summary identifies the good practices, success, challenges on renewable energy development and the future plans the four countries would like to share with and learn from each other. The paper also includes recommendation to garner partnership and efforts to reduce energy inequality within the solidarity of South-South and triangular cooperation.