IsDB: Inclusive Growth – Making Value Chains Work for Smallholder Farmers

Feb 2, 2021 | IsDB Featured Publications POM, Publications

This book – Inclusive Growth: Making Value Chains Work for Smallholder Farmers – aims to provide insights into this question and practical solutions for increasing the engagement of smallholders in profitable GVCs. The overall theme and the eight chapters of the book reflect the Islamic Development Bank’s 10-Year Strategy and its execution mechanism – the President’s Five-Year Program (P5P). ‘Making Markets Work for Development’ is a central theme of that program. It also fits with the Sustainable Development Goals and the commitment made by countries around the world to achieve them by 2030. GVCs have great potential to help with this, but harnessing that potential is not an easy task. It requires strong partnership with many actors, particularly the private sector, with each of them fulfilling their commitment.

This book is the second in a series of IsDB publications that are in line with the Bank’s goal of being knowledge- driven in its investments and efforts to catalyze impactful and sustainable development.  The information contained in this book responds to ever-increasing demand for insights into the best approaches to developing and executing private sector-led GVCs that integrate smallholders. Through a set of well-sequenced chapters and case studies, it offers practical recommendations to inform the future development of strong GVCs at scale.