WFP Conducts South-South Review in El Salvador to Support the Formulation of the Country Strategic Plan

February 24, 2022

In September 2021, the World Food Programme (WFP) Global South-South and triangular cooperation (SSTC) team, together with the SSTC focal points in the Regional Bureau in Panama, supported the WFP Country Office in El Salvador to conduct a South-South Review. The South-South Review is a methodology that has been developed by WFP’s SSTC team and applied in 15 countries to support identifying SSTC opportunities to include in the Country Strategic Plan formulation and implementation.

The South-South Review in El Salvador enabled the host government and WFP to jointly identify opportunities to broker SSTC in the context of the new Country Strategic Plan. The WFP team held consultations with 10 government counterparts — including the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, and others — to identify national priorities and capture country demands for WFP-facilitated SSTC.

The South-South Review enabled WFP to strengthen the partnership in SSTC with the Government of El Salvador and WFP Country Office who identified eight SSTC investment opportunities to support national priorities on food security and nutrition. SSTC opportunities were mapped in key areas including supply chain, emergency preparedness and response, climate adaptation and resilience, school feeding, etc.

Following that, the WFP Country Office in El Salvador prioritized the most relevant SSTC investment opportunities and received seed funding to enable the Government of El Salvador tap into those. Implementation of these South-South and triangular cooperation activities will count with support from the Regional Bureau in Panama and the global SSTC team at Headquarters.

For more information, please contact Gabriela Dutra or Anna Graziano.