Tackling COVID-19 Together: Jordan Private Sector Stepping Up

May 20, 2020

Highlighting Jordanian Private Sector Response to COVID-19

It is evident across the world that contributions from the private sector are critical in achieving the SDGs. Private sector engagement for enhancing and expanding South-South learning, knowledge exchanges, technology transfer, and investment becomes even more critical in this time of COVID-19. SDG Impact Jordan, an initiative by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), has compiled a document that features examples of how the Jordanian private sector has stepped up in response to the pandemic to support with the immediate relief efforts. This includes a diverse range of stories showcasing public-private partnerships in areas such as technology transfer and learning, capacity building, financing, knowledge delivery, and pivoting business models to respond to current needs. Learnings from such private sector engagement activity can be replicable in other similar southern environments and are crucial for long term sustainability. They include:
  • Channeling cash donations to support the Ministry of Health’s national fund ‘Himmit Watan’ to combat the impact of the Coronavirus.
  • Setting up digital platforms to facilitate the everyday needs of citizens during the lockdown.
  • Facilitating remote learning and the seamless delivery of online education.
  • Developing collaborative models to best harness resources in supporting national efforts.
  • Designing and manufacturing innovations in various sectors.
  • Alleviating financial burden through delayed payment deadlines, and waiving and reducing fees.
  • Making a shift in service delivery to solve for current problems.
  • Creating and supporting digital platforms to reduce physical interactions.
  • Prioritizing the underprivileged through dedicated initiatives.
The featured examples in the compilation are not an exhaustive list of all the companies that have contributed towards Jordan’s COVID-19 response. Many of the companies featured have made additional contributions since then. In order to address the recovery in the near term and the longer-term rebuild of the economy, the public and private sectors will have to continue working hand-in-hand to withstand not only this crisis but any future crises as well. Download document.