Awareness Toolkit: My Waste, Our Wealth (UN-Habitat, 2019)

Aug 16, 2021 | Cities Clusters - Waste - Toolkits and Guides

Waste management intervention should go hand in hand with awareness and sensitization activities. It is essential that the community understands how the plant will work, which technologies will be involved, how they can gain from it and how their role is crucial for its success and to maximize its benefits. Indeed, besides an appropriate regulatory framework, strong technical capacity and support, and adequate financing mechanisms, a critical component in any waste management system is public awareness and participation. Waste is the result of human activities and every citizen has to understand the challenges and hazards concerning waste handling, as well as the important part he or she plays in transforming waste into wealth.

This advocacy toolkit has been developed to guide city authorities in sensitizing their communities to waste management issues and in promoting sustainable day-to-day practices that can support the authority in improving waste management in the long term. This advocacy toolkit and guide aims at fostering behavioural change at the community level to achieve sustainable resource and municipal solid waste management in cities.

The toolkit comprises of:

  1. A guide to sensitize children, youth and community members, My waste, our wealth
  2. A comic book: My Waste, Our wealth
  3. 5Rs posters: My Waste, Our wealth