Report of Training Seminar: SSC in Cross-border E-commerce for Poverty Eradication and Global Sustainable Development

April 20, 2022

The global cross-border e-commerce landscape is rapidly evolving, with increased relevance for developing countries and emerging economies. The share of cross-border e-commerce in global trade has continued to grow at an unprecedented pace. Enhancing the potential of developing countries to engage in and benefit from this growth to promote inclusive and equitable economic development, gender empowerment, employment generation, trade facilitation and poverty eradication is imperative.

In this context, the Government of China, through its Permanent Mission to the United Nations, and Ministry of Commerce, hosted a training program on South-South Cooperation in Cross-border E-Commerce for Poverty Eradication from 21 to 25 March 2022 in partnership with UNOSSC. The Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College was commissioned by the host to organize the training course.

This certificate training program was designed as an introductory course for policy makers, practitioners, researchers, and entrepreneurs from developing countries, to enhance their understanding of conceptual frameworks, increase their knowledge of relevant policies and good practices, and develop their capacities and practical skills in promoting cross-border e-commerce for poverty eradication.

This report aims to present a summary and the highlights of the 5-day training programme, as well as the findings from the post-training survey, and contribute to a repository of knowledge products among partners.