OECD Call for Innovations 2021, Deadline 29 April 2021

April 9, 2021

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is looking for innovative projects and initiatives — both big and small — that involve bringing together governments from different jurisdictions to collaborate and innovate. The OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) and the UAE Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation (MBRCGI) are launching the 2021 Call for Innovations in government, focused specifically on ways government are innovating through cross-border collaboration.

Innovators around the world are encouraged to submit innovative practices from now until the deadline of 29 April 2021, aiming to fuel this research and to inspire others to work in new and creative ways. This call is open to government officials, international organisations, civil society organisations, academia, and the private sector. However, to be considered, the initiative must have goals aimed at improving government, and the public sector must be integrally involved in the work. As in previous years, many of these innovations will be featured in high-profile OECD work and events. These teams benefit from:

  • Global visibility: Featured innovation initiatives are promoted to event participants and thousands of readers of the OECD’s reports.
  • Platform for scale: Based on the experiences of previously featured teams, selected initiatives receive enhanced attention and support at home, and new partnerships are formed that enable projects to scale and be duplicated in other countries.
  • Global movement: Featured innovations and their teams serve as leaders and examples of impact to inspire others and build global momentum for innovation.

How to submit an innovation

  1. Register for the OPSI website, or log in if you are already registered.
  2. Submit an innovation through our Digital Innovations Submission Form by 29 April 2021.

You can preview the submission questions and share them with your team using the Microsoft Word version available here.