South-South in Action: Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (ICCIA)

January 30, 2019

For the past several years the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) has been working with our partners to produce editions of South-South in Action (SSiA). These reports have been designed as a platform for partners to present, promote, and share the successful solutions that have led to the overcoming of development challenges.

This edition of SSiA was developed in partnership with the Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (ICCIA), an affiliated institution of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). All 57 member countries of the OIC are from the global South. By definition, therefore, when they work together to address common challenges, they are engaged in South-South cooperation.

This publication highlights the role of the ICCIA and its partnering institutions towards facilitating South-South cooperation in industrial, commercial and agricultural spheres. Chapter 1 introduces the ICCIA. This comprises of the background, establishment, objectives and the member Chambers of the ICCIA. It also focuses on the role of the ICCIA in promoting South-South cooperation and traces the objectives for this cooperation and the joint activities undertaken in this direction. This chapter also covers information about some partner Chambers (Turkey, Uganda, and Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) including write-ups on these partners covering information on their activities and how their scope of work portrays South-South and triangular cooperation in action.