South-South Solidarity for COVID-19 Response: Henan Province in China Donates 10,000 Masks to Banjul, Gambia

September 30, 2020

28 September, New York –  UNOSSC Cities Project team mobilized a donation of 10,000 regular protective masks from the Henan Province of China to Banjul City of the Gambia last week.

As the number of confirmed cases continues to increase in the West Africa region, Banjul expressed an urgent need for personal protective equipment (PPE) in early September with the UNOSSC’s Cities Project team. Cities Project circulated Banjul’s need among its partner network, Provincial Government of Henan, through its Foreign Affairs Office, soon pledged a donation of 10,000 masks, including the costs of international logistics and transportation.

According to City Mayor, Mrs. Rohey Malick Rowe, these masks would be allocated to local communities and marketplaces to safeguard people and stop the surge in cases. Meanwhile, she also indicated that the city needed more masks.

Banjul and Henan have both been collaborating with the UNOSSC under the framework of its Cities Project, in South-South knowledge sharing and capacity development. In August, also through the Cities Project’s facilitation, a donation of 10,000 masks was mobilized from the Shenzhen Federation of Youth Entrepreneurship Promotion to Banjul.

As the situation of the pandemic evolves, the Office continues to support City partners’ demands. Under the Cities Project framework, UNOSSC also launched three sectoral capacity development webinar series on tourism, cross-border e-commerce, and reduction of disasters and risks, including public health emergencies,  reaching over one million viewers globally.

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