New ILO Publications on the Social and Economic Impacts of COVID-19

May 27, 2020 | COVID-19, News

ILO Monitor: COVID-19 and the world of work”

ILO launched the 4th Edition of the “ILO Monitor: COVID-19 and the world of work” which presents the latest data on the impact of the pandemic on workers and businesses worldwide. This new report outlines the devastating effects of the crisis on youth employment: over one in six young people have stopped working since the onset of the pandemic. The ILO calls for large-scale policy responses to prevent long-lasting damage to young people in terms of labour market prospects and education/training.

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Employment Situation in Latin America and the Caribbean

The report, “Employment Situation in Latin America and the Caribbean. Work in times of pandemic: The challenges of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19),” projects an increase of 4.4% in poverty rates and 2.6% in extreme poverty in 2020 due to the pandemic. The report examines some of the policies implemented by countries to protect formal and informal employment, income and the production sector. A policy framework prioritizing workplace health and safety is therefore of the essence.

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ILO Policy Framework to Respond to the COVID-19 Crisis

The ILO has structured it’s policy response around four pillars, based on international labour standards.

Impact on People, Sectors and Enterprises: Responses and Recommendations

The ILO has published a number of policy briefs to assess the preliminary social and economic impact of COVID-19 on people, sectors and enterprises listed below: