June 11, 2020

The Center for African Affairs and Conflict Research (CAACOR)- Call for Applications: Digital Identity and National Security in Africa fellowship:

CAACOR in Partnership with CIPIT at Strathmore University, WISER at The University of Witwatersrand and CLET at Makerere University invite applications for the inaugural Digital Identity and National Security Fellowship. The purpose of the fellowship is to build intellectual capital and contribute to the understanding of the relationship between Digital Identity, national security and surveillance on the continent. Fellows are expected to investigate one or more of the following thematic areas;
  • How can digital identity policymakers in Africa balance legitimate national security interests with consideration for risks to individual privacy and human rights?
  • What is the impact of digitization of African economies on inclusion of marginalized groups, including displaced individuals and refugees?
  • Which multi-stakeholder engagements and interdisciplinary approaches can be deployed to create Africa-specific evidence bases on digitization and conflict research in Africa?
Download PDF. For more details on fellowship benefits, eligibility criteria and application process, visit CAACOR website.