ADELANTE Window 2023 Opening on 18 April

March 15, 2023

ADELANTE 2 has announced that the opening of the ADELANTE Window 2023 will take place on Tuesday, 18 April, at 4:00PM (Brussels time). From that moment onwards, the Triangular Cooperation Partnerships will be able to begin preparing the concept note online on the Extranet for the Triangular Cooperation Initiatives that they are interested in submitting to the Window.

On the homepage of the ADELANTE Extranet the Guidelines for applicants (‘Guidelines for applicants of the ADELANTE Window. Version 2 – March 2022’) and the ‘Specific rules of the ADELANTE Window 2023’ are available for consultation and download.

After registering on the Extranet, the ‘Reference documents’ section contains the ‘Manual of procedures ADELANTE Window 2023’ and the ‘Manual of implementation and management of Triangular Cooperation Initiatives ADELANTE Window 2023’, both of which must be read before submitting a concept note. In addition, in this section you will find a document containing the ‘concept note form’, which is made available to the Partnerships to assist in the pre-formulation exercise of the Initiatives until the moment the Window is opened, when the online form will then be available. A template of the ‘Formalisation document of the Triangular Cooperation Partnership’ is also available for use by Partnerships that do not have their own form.

Registration on the ADELANTE Extranet and access to the ‘Reference documents’ is available at all times.

The webinar presenting the ADELANTE Window 2023 will take place on Thursday, 30 March, at 4:30PM (Brussels time). Registration is now open here.

In the questions and answers section, the ADELANTE Team is available to answer all queries related to the ADELANTE Window 2023.