Webinar: Food Crisis- Consequence of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Apr 23, 2020 | Events

  • What: Webinar “Food Crisis: Consequence of the Coronavirus Pandemic?”
  • When: April, 24 – 11 am (GMT -3)
  • Link: To Join, click YouTube link here.

As in other regions of the world, Africa has also experienced a reality of social detachment and even blockages, which can affect the circulation of permitted goods, including food. Currently, there are more than 20,000 cases of the new coronavirus and more than 1,000 deaths across the continent, with South Africa, Algeria and Egypt being the most affected countries.

To discuss the matter, the Brazil Africa Institute will hold on April 24, at 11 am (GMT -3), a webinar on “Food Crisis: Consequence of the Coronavirus Pandemic”. The debate will focus on the future impacts, especially in the African context, which certainly will be increasing by the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The webinar will be broadcasted live and in English on the IBRAF YouTube channel. It will host the following panellists:

  • Jean Pierre Senghor, Executive Secretary of Senegal’s National Food Security Council
  • Hippolyte Fofack, Chief-Economist of Afreximbank
  • José Graziano, former Director-General of FAO,
  • João Bosco Monte, President of the Brazil Africa Institute

The dialogue between the panellists will focus on how societies will be able to sustain, after a pandemic, a food security status and what can be done to prevent a food crisis in the coming years. The worsening reality of food insecurity, which has been noticed in the latest FAO reports, is a high global fear. For that reason, the debate to find solutions that aims to minimize the impacts on the countries of the continent is of great relevance.

About the Brazil Africa Institute

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