January 16, 2020


UNOSSC will facilitate CIDEC-SSK’s sharing of its research on South-South and triangular cooperation by co-organising a seminar on “Development Partnerships and South-South Cooperation towards Achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”. This will be a one-day regional seminar organized in Bangkok, Thailand. The objectives of the Seminar are as follows:

  • Opportunity for UN Agencies and invited partners to gain insight to the research at CIDEC-SSK pertaining to:
    1. Requirements for effective forms of development partnership in South-South and triangular cooperation;
    2. Factors that drive regional integration in East Asia and collaboration among different interest groups, opportunities and lessons for other actors within the region and stakeholders of different continents maximizing the impact of partnership;
  • Examine RoK’s role in promoting SS & TrC among various development actors and partner countries; and share findings from the empirical studies of development partnership in the East Asia region; and
  • Discuss exemplary thematic initiatives in the Asia-pacific region.

Expected Outcomes

  • Enhanced knowledge and perspective of Republic of Korea’s understanding on key trends of SS & TrC in Asia-Pacific
  • Linkage of CIDEC-SSK to other research networks including the Global Partnership Forum and the South-South Global thinkers;
  • Widening scope of research based on UNOSSC networks and experience;
  • Strengthen steps towards UNOSSC and KOICA collaboration; and
  • Determine strategic roles and plans or follow-up actions for participants.


The organisers will invite about 60 participants from Asia-Pacific representing:

  • Government ministries working on development cooperation
  • Academics and policy experts
  • UN agencies, international and regional organizations
  • NGOs
  • Private sector

When: January 28, 2020

Where: UNOSSC, United Nations Conference Centre, Meeting room A, Bangkok Thailand

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